Best way to meet a nice Pina...vs. a Thai women.

Hello, I am on a sabatticcal and search for a winterretreat..a second home so to speak.

I am divorced for a year now and would like to meet a a young asien women for a  long therm serious relationship...!

I have spend 4 month in thailand and had a 2 month relationship there  (thai style relationship / thru Thai Friendly) and had to fold......this was not for me.....!

Maybe some of you guys have made similar experiences...can you give m a tip which way to meet a young normal pina......

(I am 58 and in good shape and like women in ther early 30s......plan to land in manila end of feb.18)

Thanks in advance for your input,

Dating is not allowed on the open forums but you'll find a section in classifieds that accommodates men looking for women.

As usual, men looking for far younger women in Asia are very much open to being bled dry by gold diggers and prostitutes, even if you don't know the lady in question is on the game.

Basically, a post like that is a magnet for every scammer who reads it.

Best advice I can give you ...leave the big city's travel to a provence and if you a apartment just move around the at the ladies that take your fancy
Start a conversation with them...
Next is to get a local number if asked add them to your Facebook or phone contact's
Relax and enjoy it...its nothing like Thailand most if not all can hold a conversation in English and no Sin Sod to pay
It really is more fun in the Philippines just the food is horrid...but if you cook.. the Local markets are a great way to make friend's
Trust'll be a Rock star 😊

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