Office jobs in Singapore for Filipinos

Hi All,

I am new to this community. I am a Filipina and currently living here in Manila,  and i am interested to work and live in Singapore. Can anyone help me and give some advice. I am applying for a Legal Assistant/ Secretary post.

I have been working as a Legal Assistant in one of the largest savings bank here in the Philippines.

I have a degree in Bachelor of Arts in
Psychology and I finished first semester of my third (3) year  in Bachelor of Laws.

I had been in Singapore, i visited last year and it really captivated my heart.

Thank you.

I would suggest to visit private legal counsel office websites and see if any opportunity is there for you. Other than that, local job portals may help you to search any job openings related to your experience. But, it’s good to complete your Bachelor of Laws before trying here as it will give additional value to your resume. Good luck

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