Getting my tourist visa approved

I am a female.

I am Filipino.

I am 25 and I was born on 23 October 1992.

I am single with children.

Hi I'm Victoria,  I'm a single mom of two. I have a Danish boyfriend and we are planning to get married here in the Philippines on September. But me and my boyfriend decide that I should meet his side of the family before we get married since he went here 3 times and the last trip he had here, wherein he stayed here for 6 months. So as of now he doesn't have a job he is only helping out his dad biller business and is it possible for his dad to sent me his invitation instead of him since to be honest that he doesn't have a work. Please give me some advice on what we can do thank you very much.


I hope this link will answer your questions.

If not, you can find a contact address in the link to the administrating authority so you get the correct answer.


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