Living in Chiang Mai

Hey guys, I just found a section of the "Perfect Homes" real estate website, where they talk about the ins and outs of living in CM:
I find it very interesting and informative.
(Somebody landed a sweet job writing web copy for a real estate company.)

Some of the articles are a little dated but overall that is a great link.  The comments are about what you would expect on the internet but sometimes its good to hear a bit of the negative, as long as it is in small doses. ;)

So which article did you find the most interesting and informative from your perspective?

I found this page when I was looking for information about mubans, what they were, what kind of facilities they can be expected to have, and so on.

It's got helpful (and accurate as far as I can tell) tips about driving safely, moving, yellow house book, there's too many to name.

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