Work Visa without Bachelor Degree

I have a job offer in Belgium with the parent company I worked for in the USA for 7 years now.

After researching online it seems you cannot receive a work visa in Belgium without a Bachelors degree.

I have an Associates Degree from USA and worked in engineering as a CAD, Design Engineer, and Manager summing up 16 years of professional experience.  The skills I have are unique and will benefit the company in a great way.

How do I prove all this formally so I am not rejected?

Is their a practicing attorney in the US or Belgium who deals with these special cases?

Is it possible ? Anyone else have a success story?

Thank you in advance!

By work visa, you mean a work permit type B that your company is going to apply for you, right ?

There are minimum eligibility requirements for work permit B as you read already. When an employer makes an application, they normally make sure that their candidate meets the requirements. Some employers use an agency (immigration specialist companies that consists of attorneys etc) to make the application file.

I dont think the candidate can appoint an attorney to influence or work on the application process. The application is by employer (or the agency oh employers behalf) to the labor ministry that makes the decision.

Hello and thank you for responding back.  So after all the labor of ministry can review and give approval or refusal for the work permit B as you explained.

Any way of knowing if it has ever been obtained without a Bachelors (4 year) Degree Before? 

Granted I have been in the industry for 16 years as a professional, is an exception ever granted approval?

Hi There,

Out of interest did you ever get this resolved?


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