living in question and work..

im south African and have family in England how will it affect me in moving over and managing a life..

It won't unless they are close family (mother/father etc).

it would be an aunt in question.

how hard would it be if I had to make my way and how much it would cost to move over and with my work backround in hospitality and more as im currently in security

The UK Government are being very restrictive regarding immigration to the UK.

The rules regarding family visas don't stretch to nephews (you can read them from this link).  You will only get in if you have a skill that the British Government has deemed as being a "shortage profession"; you can access the list from this link.

Unfortunately, hospitality and security aren't included on the current list.

You might find it easier to get into Portugal (I see you speak the language).

if stating that is an issue im European and possibly have a chance and cant access that link.
in asking is there any other way for me to move over in the requirements in the skills they ask?

yes that is no issue but I want to be in the uk as Im willing to make a life overseas unless I start in Portugal it is possible but in value of the sense of work im thinking of a more and appropriate success and my family is there as well in residence....

I have experience in web design and graphic design and public relation interatition and marketing that I was doing as hospitality(bartentending waitor management and have IT understanding in hardware and software and also was part of a business that I was offered to be a partner in and is still open and if possible have that idea of expanding in the uk and if I manage to go over and as well I have interest in audio to develop music I have tried but had to manage my life to preserve thro and now im in security which has its characteristics in the aspects of law and I am in thought of combining security and web design in programming that's is an idea of mine????

You can't claim ancestry via your Aunt, but were any of your grandparents born in the UK?

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