Dependent Visa Cost in Malaysia


Can anyone suggest the tentative cost to get a DP in Malaysia.

Also, can anyone suggest some consultants who can help me in applying for the same.


Here are the application costs: … n-charges/

As you will see, immigration stamping costs are extra - based on the duration in years of the Pass. I think it is less than RM100 per year.

There is an extra fee if the DP is issued to a person already in Malaysia of RM500

Here's a short list of agencies - … nsultants/

Hi Gravitas,

Do the below cost look okay to you as given by one of the consultant. These are over & above the professional charges which are RM 1k+

Immigration Application Charges (excluding GST 6%):

Dependent Pass Application                       RM 500.00  (per applicant)

Immigration Endorsement Charges (No GST):

Visa Endorsement                                           RM 880.00   (estimated per applicant)

Look Forward.

The visa endorsement cost seems high.

I think application charges are also high. As per ESD webiste it's RM 70 + GST

Correct me if I'm wrong

Agents fee - they can choose what they charge. ESD says no charge for application if you check their website under FAQs (link given above)

You can avoid the journey performed fee (Rm 500) by applying while dependents are in home country

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