what happen if i have a exit re-entry visa but didn't sign a contract

i'm on my vacation right now , and my expect flight will be on january 26, but then i'm not coming back to my employer . they sent me my contract but i haven't sign it yet. i don't have exit re-entry visa on hand but i checked online if i have the visa , and yes i have. it will be valid until january 31. i've been checking online if what will happen if my visa will expire. i says there that i'll be banned from entering Saudi Arabia for 3 years, even if i don't have the contract or i didn't sign any contract , would i still be banned ? i want to apply for a new employer at KSA that's why i'm so concern being block. and also , i have to renew my passport cause it will be expire on april. so if i'll be applying to a new employer, i'll use my new passport. but still , would in be ban ?

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