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My phone was stolen and I have an insurance policy that replaces it.  I had them ship it here and it got here quite quickly.  However, Fedex just called me and said I need to apply for an Import Application before they can release it. 

What's the easiest way to do make this happen?  Are they going to screw me on taxes?  The phones value is 655.00 USD.   

Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions you can give me.

Matt … le-phones/

Thanks, Gravitas, unfortunately, the link for the e-form no longer works.   Any suggestions on where to find that?

No idea but to be honest just pay Fedex so you don't waste your time trying to fill in forms which may not even be in English.

Fedex called me and said I needed to get some kind of agent or fill out the forms myself.  The whole reason I came here was for reassurance about the fees (based on the page you sent me, it shouldn't be too much, so I'm feeling better) and to quickly take care of this.   

Are you saying I can simply go to Fedex and pay them? 


Sounds like it from the article - they mentioned RM300

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