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Hello friend, I just applied for family visa by my company but they reject due to hike of salary by Govt of Bahrain. Now I am bringing my wife from outside agent . And I have one baby also, so agent told me he will give one year employment visa where he will show her status as a manager and he will issue kid visa under her depended visa. And he did not demand for advance money.he said visa fees u pay when online mayment for Lmra will show the option . Does he right ??? He said he will give baby visa after giving wife visa may be two days will take .... Employment visa validity is 1 year ... Please share your suggestion and guide me properly.

Not sure how is he getting an employment visa for a dependent, this is not as per Bahrain law, if a person gets caught with a visa he is not supposed to be under there are chances that legal action could be taken, be careful.


I think wife can sponcer to kid under her visa ???

PFA … dependants


You sent me multiple private messages asking the same. And now you post on the forum. Suggest to save everyones time and not create these loops.

As both logicalindian and I have said, its illegal. He probably has a company with employment visas available. Tomorrow he will ask you to pay the cost for it and also if discovered by immigration, it will create big problems.

Wife usually cannot sponsor kids on work visas if husband is in the country. Only exceptions are some industries like financial services. Or you need tremendous amount of wasta. My wife is sponsoring the kids but she has investor visa and we still had to do quite a lot of approaches to make it happen.

This is doubtful. Please double check the LMRA rules and then take any action as it seems to be illegal.


It's ok brother.... Now no more question ... Thanks for your time ... Now save your time

Kkashifkhan11 :

It's ok brother.... Now no more question ... Thanks for your time ... Now save your time

We understand your frustration but we dont want you to make a wrong decission, for which you may have to repent later. So act wisely.


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