Electricity repairs costs, lessee or lessor?

Hi all,

I have a question about who is responsible for which repair costs of the house I am renting.

About a week ago the power in the entire house went off and I contacted the landlord, he came over but did not know what to do so he decided to call an electrician however this was going to cost 70 euro since it was a Sunday. It turned out to be the kettle that caused the power outage so it was an easy fix.

At that moment he paid the electrician and told me we will talk about the costs later but today he send a message that I still need to pay the 70 euro.

I always thought that these kind of expenses are for the lessor however in can’t really find an answer in my contract besides that the lessor pays for extraordinary costs and the lessee pays for the ordinary costs.

Anybody who can help me out if these electrician costs are on me or the landlord and where I can find more information about this?

Thank you all for the help!

I believe with our lease now and previous ones that we were responsible to pay for any repairs which I  think were upto fifty euros, it’s whatever is agreed in the contract.

Not unusual to have a clause in the contract which says you pay for repairs up to a certain amount, usually about €50 and the Landlord pays above that. This is so you do not keep calling the landlord to fix trivial matters which you would normally sort out your self if you were the homeowner.

Sounds as though your faulty kettle activated a trip switch.


in my first apartment owners paid for everything, but I didn't call them for small things

in this apartment owner owns elec + water firm, so se fixes all problem by himself

I think you'll have to pay this time, but i suggest you come to agreement about future who will pay for such costs

Does the Kettle belong to you or did it come with the flat?

If its the latter then the costs are down to you. All this will be written down in your contract.

Thanks everybody for the replies!

Unfortunately there is no clause in the contract stating up to which amount I will need to pay.

@ray, you are right, the kettle activitated a trip switch.

@SimCityAT, the kettle came with the house.

Tricky one. Personally, I would just pay it but have a conversation with the landlord as to what is your responsibility and what is his, so you are both on the same page going forward, and call it lesson learnt for future rental contracts.

Also, if it hasn't been done already, FIND WHERE THE FUSE BOX IS. 70 euros to flip a switch, even on a weekend, is insane! The fact the landlord had to call an electrician is even crazier!

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