For all Malaysian Indonesian Singaporean People Please

Hello everybody,

I live in France and I would like to know information, to put me in connection with contacts for example Malaysians women to import clothes or cosmetics and sell them in France, also do the same to export French products in Malaysia, I would like to get in touch with girls, or with Malaysians mom who would like to create a network with me in France to create a cultural exchange, but also be able to practise a trade  of clothes together, I went  1 time in Malaysia this year, I took myself of passion for this country and I would like to create something between our two cultures,
Have you got tools, web sites to be proposed to me, means of communication with Malaysians, Indonesian, Singaporean  interested in the exchange multicultural?
Why not to create one cubicle which we could send us with the typically Malaysian or French products?
Thank you for indicating me your ideas,

I thank you for it



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