Moving to arba Minch

Hi everyone
I'm relocating to arba Minch with family so please anybody can tell about safety in arba Minch and is there any Asian people in the town.
How about schooling in town and hospitals .

Thank you

Hi Dear,
Greetings. Sorry I have seen your request for info about Arba Minch lately while I was in field trip. Arba Minch community hospitality will surprise you when you go there. There is no security problem and you will be safe in any corner of the town, either up town or down town. Schooling for your kids is available and the quality might not be compared with schools in A.A but it will fit your kids. Other, my brother will assist you at any time you need help or advice.

With regards,
Lidetu Solomon
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Thank you very much Mr.Jonathan
I need more information on hospitals, house rents and electricity, internet service.
Further, please let me know is there any Indian people staying in Arba minch.
Looking forward to hear.

Thank you

Definitely , I have known Indian people live in Arba Minch. I think most of the mare University lecturers. You can easily find house rent in fair price and there is Hospital in the town as well. For your information, the owner of ''Forty spring hotel owner'' reside in up town, Secha, has known Indian people living in Arba Minch and she will find you your people easily. Please contact her by the time when you arrive to Arba Minch (Name -Asefu). Even you can have accommodation in her hotel until you organize all things to your satisfaction.

Good day,

Many many thanks for the information.
Will contact you again if I need any other information.

Thank you

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