Renting a property in Bali

Can I rent a property on a VOA  (visa on arrival). This is a renewable 30 day tourist visa. I intend to travel in and out over 6 months and then apply for a long term visa.

The free VOA is NOT renewable but there is (If it still exists) a 30 day paid VOA that's renewable for a further 30 days.
You can rent but that's going to require a police report (Should be by your landlord but you'll end up doing it) and reporting to the local Pak RT.
This is also likely to raise suspicions of working illegally, especially on Bali as so many people try it.

Thanks Fred,

I will not be seeking employment as I am a self funded retiree. My partner and I have considered retirement in Bali before. We have a close friend in Denpasar who would satisfy the sponsorship requirements. We will be going to Bali in April for 6 weeks when we hope to facilitate a long term rental option.

Thanks again


If you have an Indonesian friend willing to sponsor you, consider a 60 day Sosbud, a visa that can be extended twice without leaving the country.
They may ask you to prove funds but that hardly sounds like a problem for you.

There are no minimal visa type requirements for renting a property here in Bali.  However, of greatest importance for renters who will frequently be absentee is to have someone you trust keeping an eye on your place while you are gone AND doing the daily offerings. Do not underestimate the importance of daily offerings at your property and house temple each and every day, especially if your rental is located within a village setting.

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