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Hi i'm a tunisian engineer searching for a master in project management in uk.any idea please(best universities cost)

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is a UK-based organisation whose main role is to operate the application process for British universities. So I would have a look at their website HERE. For more information.

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Hello Khaoula, Welcome to Expat Forum,

Well you need evaluate all the pros and cons of studying in the UK for Master's level degree. The best part of a Master's degree is that in majority of cases it is a one year course as opposed to 2 year in most alternate options like USA, Canada and Australia.

The tuition fees could be in the range of Pound 9000 to 13000 for the course in addition to  Pound 500 to 800 monthly living expenses.

Disadvantages of studying in the UK:

1) Unlike Canada , Australia USA  and EU, you will be expected to leave UK upon completion of course and there is no smooth system of finding a job and getting a work permit.

2) You must forget about getting a part time job during the course in order partially cover expenses.

My personal suggestion will be to consider:

a) Lisbon University Project management course Portugal, it is ranked very high and its fess is Euro 1500 for a 18 month course.

b) Most Master's level courses in Germany are tuition free and they are conducted in English language, there is an effortless system of getting a Blue card ( work permit) leading to nationality.   There is also a very large Muslim and Arabic speaking community in most cities in Germany which will help you settle without a  lot of problems. :one

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