Moving to Las Terrenas, DR

Hello!  I am from Niagara Falls, Canada.  Will be looking for long term rental, one male adult. Want to be very close to the beaches & Las Terrenas.  Would also consider shared accommodation or house sitting.  I have been a professional entrepreneur for the past 40 Yeats.  Gary Loch

Welcome to the forum.  Have you been here before?
Bob K

Hello!  Yes, I visited the Principe Samara in Feb 2015 and just enjoyed 2 weeks during pre Xmas at the Wyndham V, Las Terrenas.  Visited many condos in the area. The Coson Bay beaches are excellent for long walks and to enjoy the sun and landscape.  Do you live in Las Terrenas?   Gary

No I am in the road a bit in the Sosua/Cabarete area.  Good luck in your search.  Do know that living here is different than being a tourist.

Bob K

Is that the only place you have visited? Consider checking out other areas, this country is incredibly diverse.

Will you need to work when here?  Or will you want to open a business?

Welcome to the forums!!!

Hi! I like the international mix in Las Terrenas.  Have been to samana, not that impressed.  I understand that there is a lot of crime and unrest in Cabarete & Sousa.   GARY

Hi Gary!

First of all - I wholeheartedly agree with Bob's comment that being in a resort is much different than living there! We aren't there full time yet (1069 days to go), but have stayed at Wyndham (half of our first visit to LT) and in several apartments/villas.

I really suggest booking a couple of short term rentals (AirBnB is easy) and checking out specific places that are available before signing a long term lease!

One person's opinion of what is "close to the beach & LT" might not be yours! We rented a couple of villas to get a feel for what different areas were like.  There will be other things to consider too: Will you have transportation? Do you want to be able to walk to the grocery store or is driving fine? Is your favorite bar close enough to walk (or stumble) home? How much noise is there at night from local traffic (motos are loud!), night clubs, partying neighbors? Do you need a full kitchen or is a small kitchenette (what we've seen in many rentals) sufficient?

If you like Playa Bonita, let me know! I have an apartment there and would love a long term renter!  ;)  We've also purchased land in the Coson Lomas that will become our forever home. We fell in love with Las Terrenas and can't wait to return each time we have to come back to the states.


Hi Denise:  Thanks for your reply and welcomed advice.  Yes, I would be interested in short term rentals before making a final decision.  As mentioned, I enjoy the sun and beaches.  I just sold my condo on Clearwater Beach Florida.  Had for 7 years.  The area has lost it's quaint charm, too many tourists and prices have gone crazy.  Will be selling my home in Niagara on the Lake, Canada shortly and then heading down to LT.  I met and befriended a gentleman & his daughter who have lived there for over 10 years.  He is Italian and previously lived in Pars for 20 years.

Have you been to Mojito's on the beach?  I understand that they have re-opened after the hurricane close to the Albachiara apt/hotel.

Where is your apartment and can you send photos? addresses are:  ***

Best Regards,


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Wow a lot of crime and unrest in Sosua and Cabarete.  I must be sleeping cause I don't see any more of that here than in multiple other places.
Maybe spend a day on your stay in LT and come visit.

Bob K

Thats not good to hear regarding Sosua. I was looking at that are and having mixed reviews

Good to hear from someone that actually lives there.  I have checked out many condos there.  I have an agent there that moved from Toronto many years ago.  HGTV just had a feature yesterday on cabarete/Sousa and Las Terrenas.  Being a beach person who walks for hours, I prefer LT.

what was your purpose of selecting DR over other places and LT as preference in DR?

I have visited many places and beaches in the Caribbean.  I also lived on Clearwater beach for over 30 years.  The north Clearwater beach is one of the best in NA.  The sand is like white flour. My father use to live in Barbados.  I think the beaches around Las Terrenas, DR are the best.  You can walk for a day and never run out of beach. Also, I love the international mix of people that live there.


This shows once again, to each his own. Find what works for you. Listen to others experience, their opinions and then test drive!!!

Thanks everyone for helping out. Please keep us updated!

16 yrs. in Sosua. Do not believe those crime reports. Safer than the U.S.V.I. , Orlando or Miami.  I agree with Bob K, come visit for a couple of days.Several beaches, one a half mile long. The Sosua/Cabarete area is  a great area to visit & to live.

Hi!  Thanks for the vote of confidence for your area.  Will visit next trip to LT


Hi again!  Coson Bay and the beaches are fantastic.  There is a beach home for sale a few beach steps from the Wyndham V.  $800,000.00 US


PM me or Whatsapp ***,.  Las Terrenas

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Colonel he likely cannot pm you. New users can only respond to pm not initiate. You need to pm them!

Will try bhavnas suggestion, thanks.

That is what  told you to do 2 times.

Would really like to find a place to rent (Sosua, Cabarete, LT) for 3-4 months either Dec. '18 to the end of March '19 or beginning of Jan. '19 to the end of March.  Would prefer a house, pool, walking distance to everything, allows a pet cat.  I know we've asked before, but we want to keep trying.  Got burned on VRBO so trust issues abound.

Check on Trip Advisor … ublic.html
and the threads for Sosua, Cabarete and LT.  Then look at the top of the page and click on vacation rentals and lots of private rentals will show up

Bob K

Thanks so much, Bob K.  Will do.  Appreciate your quick reply.

No problem.  Good luck
Bob K

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