Minimum Stay requirement for Temporary Residence Visa for Retirees?


For those of you on a temporary residence visa based on passive income or retirement income, do you know for absolutely sure what the minimum stay requirement is in Portugal, that is, minimum how many days you have to live in Portugal?

How easy is it to renew the temporary residence visa from 2nd year on?  Do they count how many days you live in Portugal before renewal the visa? Just curious. Is it hassle free to renewal the temp visa? What's your temp renewal visa experience?

How hot is it in Algarve or Lisbon area in the Summer time? 

Are there any lawyers or agency that you recommend to help you to get the temp residence visa in the US and help you to move and settle down in Portugal?

Any Americans get the temp residence visa from Portuguese consulate in San Francisco lately? Please share your experience and suggestions.  Do you have to apply in person instead of mail-in application? Do you have to fill out the application form in Portuguese or English is fine?

Thank you!


Did you pursue this path or find answers to any of these questions? I was just about to write a virtually identical post and would appreciate any update you can provide. :-)

Peter.  I have worked with the Portuguse embassy in S.F.  They were very helpful.  Send them an email.  They will respond.

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