Moving to Bahrain soon, advice on schools

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I have been reading the forum for a couple of months. Thanks to all the posters who have helped so many expats (and soon to be expats) like myself. If it wasn’t for you all, I wouldn’t have reached this stage.

I am an IT professional from London with around 12 years of experience. I have been offered a job in Bahrain with my current company. The job will be based in Al Muharraq area. The intended start date is flexible but I am targeting end of April or start of May. They will pay for relocation, medical for my family and a generic fixed allowance (rent, etc.) on top of the salary. I am married with two kids (7 and 5). My kids are in Year-2 and Reception respectively. My wife is a primary school classroom practitioner/ teacher assistant.

I will post multiple questions instead of one giant post. I think this will help others who are interested in one of my questions hence avoiding unnecessary noise. This question is regarding schools.

Both St Christopher’s and British School of Bahrain have no spaces for my kids. Nadeen School has shown a vague positive response but they have asked to apply and pay the admission fee to be considered. Both St Christopher’s and BSB suggested I apply now to be waitlisted for next year (September 2018).

Where can my kids go between now and the new class? Is Nadeen School a good option to fill this gap? Ideally, I would like to avoid paying admission and registration fees for 2-3 months only.

What happens if my kids don’t get spaces in the next year in either of the schools? What are my options? Are there other schools? I do want to keep my kids on the British curriculum.

Really appreciate your help and looking forward to the responses. Thanks,


schools are so costly you need to check first your salary average school fees 1500 BD per month

forget to say try INDIAN school or ELNOOR school both are good

Thanks ronywell. I would like to keep my kids in the British curriculum so they don’t have a problem adjusting when they start in Bahrain or come back to London.

I have budgeted 1000BD for both kids based on the advertised fee and guessed school bus charges. Are you suggesting 1500BD for one of them or both? Also, could you please provide more detail/ breakdown so I can understand better. Thanks.

Honestly if good school it's 1500 each
If Al Noor or Indian School I guess 50 be monthly suitable to your budget

British school by the way requires up to 3000+ it's Soo costly

Sorry I miss wrote it's worth 1500 - 2000 yearly per each if good scholk

First take a look at this site to evaluate school rankings: … fault.aspx

Generally; Nadeen, BSB, St Chris and RVIS are all rated outstanding.  The rest are below that with spreads from good down to inadequate.

Then the second question is which school.  The most expensive one is RVIS where you will pay upwards of 7000 BD per child even in the lower grades.  BSB and St Chris are in the range of 3-4000 BD per year for lower grades.  Then it ramps up as you go up the grade levels.

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