International Remittance to an American bank

Hello everyone,
I am really new to this forum and forums in general.
My name is Amy and I am currently living in South Korea in a city about 30 mins away from Busan. I have been living here for the past 3 months and everything seems to be ok but I am in need of some information. I need to send home some money but unfortunately my bank (KEB Hana) does not offer international remittance to the States. I have tried to send money through MoneyGram and.... well, it lacks customer support. Western Union, as weird as it may sound, my bank is not supported and the only service that seems to be work is Paypal but their fees are insanely high. So, for those that are in the country or have been here or know how about the banking business, can I get some help?!
any information is welcomed!!
thank you and sorry for such a lengthy post!!

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