Need advice on moving to Gib from the US

Okay, so I have a really short timeline and have to plan fast, so I'm seeking guidance from others.

I'm most likely moving to Gib in 2-3 months. I have family there, but I want to rely on them as little as possible. 

I do freelance work, so of course my laptop must come.  Should I also bring my printer?  I don't even know if I'll be able to purchase the ink there.  To make things easier, I would sell it off (or give it to family) and purchase a new one. My concern is electronics will be more expensive there and I also should be cautious on spending money, as I will need as much I can to live off until I find a job.

Also, do you suggest getting a International Driver's License? I believe I have to get one in my country where I'm licensed, so I'd have to do that before I go.

I've never even been to Gib. I've heard a ton about it from my family though and from my own research.

My Spanish is very, very, very rusty. ugh (59% fluent according to duolingo, I say more like 30% LOL), Guess I will need to take up tutoring LOL!

What is the job market like for marketing, web design, copywriting?

Would love any advice from those who've made the move abroad. From US to Gib is a huge deal!


Re electronics, you can buy printers and ink here in Gib. I have found them to be slightly more expensive than the uk. (I suspect US prices are lower)

Not sure about your driving licence. I have a UK one which i continue to use.

I don’t speak Spanish so it’s not necessary but it would be useful especially if you plan to be self employed.

No idea about the job market but my perception is that companies here aren’t great at marketing themselves via a website. Facebook gets used a lot...

Best of luck with your move.


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