Brazilian IT Consultant Single move to Dubai with a Job Offer 20k AED


I’m an Brazilian 35 years old single IT Consultant that got an offer of 20000 AED per month job offer. My expectation is to stay in Dubai for about 2-3 years and complete an academic course in a good institution. The course most likely will be a MBA.

I will be working in Jebel Ali and the job offer is:
•    20k AED salary per month;
•    30 days annual leave per annum;
•    Air tickets once per year to Home Country (Brazil);
•    Medical Insurance;
•    Life Insurance;
•    48 working hours per week;
•    2 years of contract.

I would like to save at least 25% of my salary to travel during vocations and holidays to near and Far East countries. Please check the following expectation of cost of living:
•    1 Bed Room Apartment  in Dubai Sports City well equipped: 5000 AED
•    Mobile Phone = 300 AED
•    Home Internet = 200 AED
•    Gym = 500 AED
•    Car with Fuel = 3000 AED
•    Food = 2000 AED
•    Academic Course (MBA) = 4000 AED

Notice that all cost are per month.

It seems to be a good deal but I would like to some comments and advises. This is my first time abroad to live as an expat therefore everything is new for me. Any thoughts are more than welcome.


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