Advice for Mexican national immigration for Australia

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My name is Macarena, I am a first-time poster but a long time reader. I would like to pick the brains of some local Mexicans living in Austrailia. my dream is to complete a move to Melbourne with my boyfriend but I am worried about immigration, sadly Mexico is not looked on as favorably as other countries and I would like some advice regarding the visas.

I am 24
Degree in international trade and Customs
MBA in business administration with a specialism in chain supply

my boyfriend of two years is an HSE professional and currently completing his Msc in process safety engineering.

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Till members provide you their insights,  you will find all the information here : … -and-visas

Do you have working experience ?

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Thank you.

I have limited experience in actual import / export but it has always been part of my work. I am currently working as a project engineer for a large multinational company.

Try for visa information. There is a preferred skills list.

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