Are marriages to a Dominican recognize in the US as legal? What does one have to do to make it legal in the US.

You  need to register the marriage in whatever country you are from. Some choose not to do so.  I imagine if you ask this question in the US forums you will get responses.

Maybe someone here knows how.

Yes it recognize as legal, But my Wife and I are going to get married in a church in the US because I like the saying " till death do you part" and for the record I Got married Nov.4 2017

Congratulations honey!

Congrats! Please keep us posted on how things unfold with your new bride, we love to see happy endings, especially since there is so much skepticism regarding foreigners marrying Dominicans.

Best of wishes to you & your bride :top:

Glad for you, congratulations.  You know that the past history of many warrants caution &  time together for the ultimate commitment.  Having done so, you are bound for success. It is only those as Bob K says, rush headlong in with the little head leading the way. Bless you both for a long healthy life.  Bravo to you.

The transmission of knowledge born from the experience of others is essential.

I was going to comment but I thought they had kicked me out last week for being too honest.

No you got a time out for being nasty.  State your opinion anytime you want to but do it with respect and without attacking others colonel and we will all be fine.

Nasty?  Guess somebody couldn't handle the truth about some comment, complained,  and you guys caved.

OH here we go again. There is a difference between truth, your opinion (both fine) and being Nasty (not so good).
Bob K

I would if I could, but I can't reply to this.

Colonel  no one caved. In fact I asked several times for you to stop.

Everyone has the right to  state what they consider to be honest.  But state it in a proper way.  I will not tolerate  nasty.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no one is entitled to make personal attacks. PERIOD. 

So that is the end of it.

Thank you Planner. My blood pressure can return to normal. It was difficult to refrain excoriation on this site. Again, thanks.

Tinker glad your BP is better :D  :D  :D
Bob K

You guys are cracking me up!!!

Smiling on a Sunday is a good thing :D  :D  In fact it is good any day!

Bob K

Always good my friend!!!

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