Dependent fee paid but moi still showing insufficient funds


I have paid 1100 SAR as bank calculated for me to pay as dependent fee. I paid 200 for exit re entry also. But when i go to absher for dependent service and click on issuing exit re entry visa. It says insufficient funds. I have 1320 available funds in my account. Can you please guide me what might be the issue?


Please provide me your iqama expiry date

24/08/2018. I issued iqama to my wife in December-2017 first week.

Dependent fee for your wide should be paid till iqama expiry which is
1200SR from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018
Plus 200 Sr for July 201
Plus 24 days of August say 170
So you pay should around 1570 plus 200 for 2 months exit request entry.
I don't know how bank calculated 1100.
If you enter iqama expiry date for " pay upto", bank should tell you thus amount

My wife arrived in KSA in Dec-2017. even in that case i should pay from July-2017?? I am entering My iqama no and iqama expiry date. then i am getting 1100 fee.

Iqama start date is your iqama not wife. This could be a bug in system

You are entering your iqama and wife iqama.? Still getting 1100 from system? Your office government relations man know some one in system to call?

One thing i have just noticed that my wife iqama issued first time in Dec-2017 but issued date is 03/10/2016 which was my iqama issue date. is this normal?

Either my iqama or wife iqama, In both cases it is coming 1100.

As I said dependent iqama dates are same as yours


Take a chance and pay amount as I calculated above by entering   extended date. THAT COULD BE A CHANCE. BUT DON'T  BLAME me if doesn't work. Because their system has lots of stupid bugs.

But as I know if you want to pay for wife as dependent fee, you enter your iqama and wifes. System will give amount for wife.


Try to visit jazawat and see manager

I don't know how you made funds available 2420. What I have done is refund all money paid & then paid correct  amount required. Refund will come to you after 3 days

How much duration you are writing for re-entry visa

It was 1320 before. I paid 1100 more as it was appearing on the screen. After paying 1100 2nd time, i got 2420.

In moi absher website, after clicking on Dependent services, when i click on Issue Visa, screen pop up message in which i put Tick to accept terms and conditions then insufficient funds message appearing. i guess duration will appear on next page.

Even after paying two times 1100, still when i enter my iqama no and expiray in sadad moi, dependent fee 1100 is appearing.

I can understand your frustration. See I think system does not recognize total funds available.  It see how much paid for purpose. Either you call Absher thru your Saudi or go to manager of jawazat for help.
3rd option is try following:
1. Apply refund for all dependent fee. Dont refend exit reentry ..( i hope you have experience of refend since refund of both item is different ) If system accept , then pay as I suggested above. 1570 or even 1600.

I checked with Jawazat officer, he told bank calculation is wrong. Submit 1584 at your iqama and 200 at wife iqama. I did and it worked. That day i submitted 2420 at my iqama considering no need to deposit 200 at wife.

Thanks Naeem sb for your advice. it was really helpful.

i am facing same issue like above .Could you please advise that which jawazat office should i go  as there were no english speakers.i am staying in riyadh.

Dear Santusuri
Please carefully read calculation I suggested to Asim above. Or give me your iqama expiry dates,  for whom you want to apply for exit reentry etc.  Then I shall advise you.

I visited Jawazat Jeddah and found many Jawazaat officers speaking english. Just go and check with info counter in jawazat office, they will guide you.

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