Thai o-a visa

Hi i have just got my first oa visa 1 year,can anyone tell me does it start from the date it was issued or from when i enter thailand ? Also i am still in the uk but leaving for thailand soon as my visa was issued in london my understanding is i have 3 months to activate it from issue date,is this correct ? Thanks ....

I'm not the expert, so I'm sure there will be others to correct me if I am wrong.

Your visa expires as per the date it was issued (the following year). Your 90 days would start when you go thru customs and immigration at the airport. You have to report to immigration every 90 days to update your status.

There is usually a use by date on the visa and you must enter the country before that date.  Does your vise state that you have three months to activate it or did someone tell you that?  If there is no problem with your visa you should be given one year but be sure to check what the stamp in your passport says.

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