Rental Question for possible move to Abu Dhabi

Hi everybody,

I was emailed a week ago by a recruiter for a company in Abu Dhabi. I am trying to get a handle on potential expenses should this happen. Obviously, one of the big expenses is accommodations.

My wife and I would be interested in a 1400 sq foot apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, parking (presumably underground) for two cars and a balcony. We would want a clean place in a nice area.

I've been to Abu Dhabi on a one month business trip so I know that there is a wide spectrum of locations and levels of cleanliness etc. I would appreciate input regarding the sort of rents that I could expect to pay and recommendations for reputable rental websites.

Thank  you very much

What's your budget Sir?

Hi Downtoearth,

Good question, as it's sort of a "chicken and egg" issue. On one hand I'm using a best guess of typical rents as a factor for salary negotiations, and on the other hand, my salary will determine what I can afford. Having said that, 4500 UAD ($1500) would get us something nice in a Canadian city. This would be a place with two bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, a nice western kitchen, and a nice living & dining area. A total area of about 150 square metres would be an appropriate size as well.

Air conditioning would obviously be critical.



Hi Velomont,

Sorry for the late reply. For a neat and clean two bedroom apartments with two bathroom may cost you anywhere 80K to 100K in AED. The rents have fallen down recently. In a community living like compound row houses, independent villas etc., the rents are a wee bit high.

Also UAE has introduced VAT, so almost everything is taxed a tax 5% now including school education.

Hope this helps

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