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Good day! I'm Bernadette a foreigner from Philippines and seeking job in Malaysia. I am currently working as a Branch Accounting Assistant here in the Philippines. I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management Accounting.I would like to ask if I really have to pay for my own visa if I want an office job there? If so, how much would it cost and what's the process? I am willing to apply for other positions except domestic helper. Can you suggest some good companies or agency there that I can apply with? Im planning to go there by march so I hope I can have a job offer before I go there since it is the law that you have to be outside of Malaysia to process the working visa. There are some agent in jobs in Malaysia facebook page that I inquire about their job posting. They said I should be there in Malaysia so they could help me find a job and that It depends on the employer if I have to go back to my country to process the visa. Some says I dont have to go back and my visa will be process under Rehiring. What does that mean? I will appreciate any comment and suggestions! Thank you for your time! God bless!

Cannot get visa under rehiring programme now (had to be employed already in Malaysia).

Ordinary visa as Foreign Worker is possible. But have to be outside Malaysia and enter on Visa With Reference (Single Entry Visa designated for employment).

Accounting jobs hard to find as plenty of Malaysians can do the job and immigration will not approve visa a) for small companies, or b) hiring foreigner when not necessary.

Thank you for your reply! Can you suggest a good company or agency that can help me find a job? Any job will do except for domestic helper.

Some Filipina have found work through this website:

Are there available agencies in Selangor that offers job near Subang Jaya or Petaling jaya and Kuala Lumpur? Can you suggest some? Thank you!

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