Fan ID FIFA 2018 World Cup

Hi everyone,

After buying tickets you need to apply for Fan ID to get visa free steay in Russia and free transport. Let's discuss Fan ID here too!

An article about applying online for Fan ID:

Absolutely no problems ...extremely efficient service by the Russians and FIFA...very impressed my applucation has been approved and I have a ref. just waiting for the actual ID.
Any expat wants to meet up in St Petersburg or Moscow contact me or if you want info about 'the system'.....just contact is so easy and my pleasure.
I have been allocated 4 tickets....Jimmy from Scotland ...a football lover!

Hi Tartanjim,

Thanks for your answer!

Collected my Fan Id this morning LOCALLY in the UK..approx time from being allocated match tickets then applying and receiving the actual Fan Id.....6-7 got to be organised and the Russian authorities are brilliant and very efficient.....cant wait to go!
Jimmy ...will be in Moscow St Petersburg and probably Saransk.

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