Requesting If is There any possibility to Leave Saudi Arabia

My Self VINAY KUMAR I have came To Saudi Arabia On July 12 2017 As IT Technician  Before Comming to Saudi.  in Indian consultant Told me that profession Visa will be issued in Saudi after finishing Joining and medical formalities of 30 days Probation Visa . But they have issued Residence ID as a Labor. And also iam Not interested the Job role's iam not familiar with the Job. I would like to Go back to India when iam asked to the Employer he is asking me Money of 3700 USD. In Agreement they have mentioned Every Year 21 Days Occasion after Completing the 2 Years. Kindly Suggest me what how to Go to the back to Home country India. Without Completing the agreement of Two years

What is your job profile now? Are you doing the job of an IT Tech or are you forced to work as a labor.

If you are working as an IT Tech, and your profession in Iqama / Visa is labor, then please  understand that it is quite normal in this part of the world.

if in case you are forced to work as a labor, and you are not interested to continue, then the safest way is to file a complaint in the nearest labor court. but make sure that in the employment contract, you are not hired as a labor.

hope this helps. feel free to ask if you have any further doubts.

My Job Profile Is IT Technician Only But In iqama Mentioned Genaral Laber  But Job Skill set is different And Salary also differ agreed in India

Iam not interested to work her my Passport is with Campany But where iam Working in different company Manuel Market my actual Sponsor In Riyad they are holding my Passport

Kindly suggest me to get exit reentry visa from Sponsor.
My brother staying in Bhahiran I would like to go to visit in office  Holidays. kindly suggest me to get Exit reentry visa from Employer

you have to request your employer to provide exist & re-entry visa. passport, as per the new law, should be with the employee .

What to do if the employer rejecting my request.Kindly suggest me

chances are good that your employer reject your request if you have not yet fulfilled the contract. it will be better to be with him in good terms and then ask in a diplomatic way citing some family / health issues.

else you will have to file a case with labor court with solid reasons like pending salary, salary not paid for more than 2 or 3 months, abusive employer etc etc. in this case you will have to provide proof and also will have to appoint a lawyer, which is going to be an expensive affair.

They would not give u in straightfrward way. U have two options if u wanna go final exit n not interested to come back. 1. Report to ur embasy and follow the procedure of surrender after huroob. 2. Create some emergency situation n take emergency leave .....!

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