Hi Fellow Ex Pats

I am a job seeker in Phnom Phen, I could do things the proper way but we are in Cambodia aren't we ?
So I am looking for a position doing anything.                                                                                             
Things about me are I have managed guest houses and small hotels. I have been educated, B of A, English major.
My weakness is falling for female scammers. A good friend can attest to this.
I am looking to stay in Cambodia for a few years. Looking for accommodation, meals and some money for incidental expenses. Commensurate with your position.
I have management skills and experience, some teaching experience but mostly tutoring English to kids who need a little extra help.
Frankly, I love helping with learning English but the icing on the cake is I have Advanced Life Skills and conflict resolution skills. Willing to send my resume and cover letter. I am at least, honest. I am in the middle of town but looking for Riverside work. I may have had one or three tonight after finding my GF is a full on professional liar, But I am good at what I can do my friends.
You may have the worker bee's. Perhaps you need someone trust worthy ? Any offers ? Any possible offers ? Rob W

Hello Potential employers, I wanted to add I have spent time teaching and as a full on teacher, I enjoy it. I also enjoy tutoring. The aim is to be employed and fufilling my aim of sharing a love for language, in this case, english. However, at this stage, I am willing to give anything a good try as I am always up for more experiences in life. All the best to everyone !!!!! Rob Wilson


You can post your application in the jobs section of this forum for free.

Good luck.

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Copper I’m thinking that teaching with your education is the way to go, the hospitality business does not pay well most of the time , if your passion is teaching , then you should be able to find a job , or private lessons, most teachers I know end up doing that, as far as women or men being dishonest , they are available in all nationalities!, but don’t let the deter you , I’ve personally found that a Cambodian women can be a wonderful, loyal partner, you didn’t find the right one, I’ve had this problem myself from time to time, I think your cv doesn’t have to list your failures, accent the positive , you sound like the perfect teacher, the Cambodians need English and not just children, the Chinese need it as well, the  children and adults, generally the Chinese that come here , are businessmen or women, that crave English and can more afford to pay for it , more than the average Chinese or Khmer,  be proactive, I bet you will find a job very Soon, good luck  to you ,

Hi Twins, of course you are right about all nationalities having good and bad. Your positive certainly had an up lifting affect as well as your advice. Thanks Brother !!!!! Rob

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