The cost of laundry

I am living temporarily in a suburb of Santiago. I have asked a local woman to do my laundry. How much should I pay her for doing the equivilant ot 2 loads each week?

Welcome to the forums.  I am sorry I cannot help you. I refuse to let anyone do my laundry so no experience with payment.

By the way - hide the bleach!

Love the comment "hide the bleach"  I swear sometimes they cook with it.  Back in the states we would go through a gallon of bleach every 4 months or so.  Here our housekeeper goes through a gallon (at least) a week.

As to costs If she is coming to your house once a week and is drying and ironing what needs it probably about $500-700 per day.

Bob K

I'm with Bob!

I pay 2.500 for a woman who comes to the house, cleans and does laundry once a week every friday.  She asked for 1.500

Is that per week or month?

You are kidding 2500 pesos for one day of work and you probably provide lunch as well.  If not providing lunch don't worry as she is eating your lunch.  :D
If your pay schedule gets out you will  have women  lined up  around the block looking to work for you.

Thats per month! not per week! In all fairness I don't have a washing machine so she takes my clothes to her house and washes/ drys/folds them.

If that is per month then that is reasonable.

Bob K

Yup, it is.

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