Fresh graduates that plans to work overseas.

I have like a year more to graduate. I have always dream of moving to europe to work. Maybe you guys can share with me which countries would you guys consider? I am fluent in both english and mandarin.

I think both Belgium and Germany would be good options.

First and foremost, you need to move wherever you find a job.
And to find a job, you have to compete with the locals. You actually have to be better than them, to offset the additional effort and risk that hiring a foreigner presents to the employer. As a fresh graduate with no special skills or work experience, this is difficult. If you also don't speak the local language, it might be impossible.
Therefore I recommend you focus on countries where you speak the language (for English these are UK and Ireland, Mandarin is not spoken in Europe) and where your industry is booming.
Good luck!

well yeah but healthcare providers are underpaid... in belgium and germany i heard? correct me if i am wrong. btw is it a compulsory to speak german or english will be sufficient..

@beppi you have a point... either way its tough... I thought of germany but german is so hard... so is french.. UK is great but i think the people aint so nice towards foreigners.. heard they can be quite nasty with racism remarks...

An ugly (and often noisy) racist minority exist in almost all countries (I even encountered racists in your native Singapore, where I lived for 12 years!), but thankfully most people are nice - and you should let yourself be guided by the good, not the bad people!
If by healthcase providers you mean doctors: They earn well throughout Europe, but maybe less so in UK.
If you meant nurses: They aren't rich, but earn o.k.
At least semi-fluent German (level B2 or better) is needed to converse with patients.

Have you considered New Zealand or Australia ??

I do. In fact i am studying in uni of sydney. Not sure how's the lifestyle? Is it fast pace over there?

Jasonpxz :

I do. In fact i am studying in uni of sydney. Not sure how's the lifestyle? Is it fast pace over there?

You are studying in Sydney, and ask how‘s the lifestyle there???

Jason doesn't say what course he hopes to graduate in. Based on his posts here, I wonder if his English is actually good enough to land him a solid well-paid job...

If his profile, saying he's Singaporean, is correct, I can assure you that his English is good. All education there is in English and virtually everyone speaks it well. It might be a slightly different English than you are used to, though: They call it Singlish!

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