Language exchange ( English-Russian)

Hi! I am looking for a native English speaker who is learning Russian and would be glad to meet up with me in order to practice and improve both - my English and your Russian. My level of English is near Upper Intermediate but I do not have enough speaking practice. I am interested in face to face conversation 2-3 times a week. If my offer is what you are looking for please contact me. Thank you!

Hi Galina 999 and welcome on! :)

Maybe you should browse Moscow classifieds >Community> Language Exchange. You may also post an advert there ;)

I hope it will help.

Good day Armand! Thank you very much for the advice! Would be happy to use it:)

If you're looking to practice your English, come check out our weekly expat meeting at Tema Bar.  See below for more details, or send me a message. Hope to see you there!

Join us Every Thursday at Tema Bar to hang out and talk with other Expats & Moscow newcomers.
Relaxed atmosphere, close to Metro Station, Cafe, Full Bar & Food with reasonable prices.
See the Tema Bar Google Places Page for directions, or visit expatclubmoscow. for more info. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 10pm at Tema Bar (Near Metro Chistye Prudy)
Address: Потаповский (Potapovsky Pereulok), Building 5 (One street down from Мясницкая (Mayasnitzkaya) St.)
Website: TemaBar.Ru

Hi Joshua! Great idea! Thank you!

HI! I'm also looking for a native speaker, who is interested in giving the lessons of english to a small groop of people. For me it would be a great pleasure to make the acquaintance of expats. I consider these meetings to be just a conversation between 2-3 people and an expat, who will correct our mistakes. Please, contact me if you are interested in it and your terms for meetings.:D

Hello! I am looking for a native English speaker who is learning Russian. I want to improve my English. I can help to improve your Russian for life and for job/business. Please, contact with me if you are interested in it.

Hello everybody

I am a native teacher and translator of English..

I live near Taganskya metro station near the center, I am learning Russian and teaching English in a language school here in Moscow if you want to improve your English and do exchange you can contact me..

Galina, I also give private tutoring in English here so u can contact me at any time...

Hi Galina, I want to speak more Russian too. I have lived here in Moscow for nearly  4 years and can speak the laanguage but with mistakes. You can email me  - hughkmc[at] and we can make a plan to meet some time soon, spasibo - Hugh

Hello everyone who wants to visit Russia. We could invite you to our new eco-village which is situated in Tulskaya Region (135 kilometres from Moscow to the south). You can stay with us free of charge in exchange for speaking English to us. You could also learn a lot of Russian staying with us. We could sing around the fire in the evenings and talk about growing vegetables, fruit and flowers. We have our garden and our fown forest with lots of mushrooms and berries. The people here have an idea to preserve Russian culture and traditions. They are also keen on growing their own vegetables and fruit and Siberian pines. There are about 40 families here and each of them have not less than 1 hectare of land. We try to follow the rules, described in the books by Megre about a psychic woman, who lived in the forests of Siberia.
My family would be happy to accomodate an English-speaking family at our small summer house for the summer or in September and May. (We are building a log house now, but we'll be able to place guests there only in a year). We could also transfer you from and to the airport. Besides, I can show you Moscow and Tula. Call me +7-910-437-79-51 or write to romenskiig[at] (Maria)

Hi Maria:
Its a great idea to invite native speakers of English for language exchange, I am interested in joining you in Tulskaya Region, I am here in Moscow for 2 month internship for language and cultural exchange, I am learning Russian I finished the grammar I need some practice, I tried to call you today, you can reach me on 8925-048-9584

PS: for those who are looking for language exchange you can call me and we can arrange for a meeting I live in the center of Moscow near Taganskaya metro station. I will go to Moscow river today to dance Salsa...

Wow this topic is pretty active.

Same problem here: got an advanced level but lack practice and feel my English degrading.

So... I could use the Thursday meeting too... If Russians are welcome there ofc...

this Topic is one of the best here , really am waiting to come to Mother Russia This September.

hey Everybody!
I have a question ) As soon as we are talking about the language exchange - does anybody know or can share some materials in learning Russian as a Foreign language?



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Hello Galina
Although it is not until next year when I visit Moscow I am pleased to offer you 'conversational English' to enable you to practise 'talking speech' while I am in Moscow.

I have a Scottish accent which will give you an idea of the variations in sounds of the English language in various parts of the UK.

Check my profile and contact me ....all I ask for in return would be helpful advice while I am in Moscow.
Thank you

Me hilloldas1980, I have been learning Russian language at Gorkysadan, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, since 17th May 2017 for three months duration to go. I think, I have interest to improve both Russian and English grammars, in the manner of speaking. Are you in Moscow? I am asking you, because I am planning to have a trip to Moscow alone, in the middle of next year 2018, Thank you.

I am "hilloldas1980" from, having seen your post, I am exactly looking for a Russian traditional atmosphere in interior village region. I am confident in teaching English language and I have been learning the Russian language since 17th May 2017 for three months duration at the Gorkysadan(the Russian Centre of Science and Culture) Kolkata. You(Maria Rom) are welcome to talk to me by giving me reply. I am planning to visit the Moscow, Russia on my own in the middle of next year 2018. Thank you.

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