Document controller jobs in oil and gas field

Hi everyone,
I am planing to move germany, i want to can i get job in my filed. I don’t know german language but i jave 12 years experience in my field.

Without language skills, you are automatically excluded from all job opportunities that require interaction with customers, partners, suppliers or colleagues. I guess you can judge by yourself which jobs in your field are still available after that. Focus on those in your search!

Sound difficult because one really needs to speak German. With some exceptions English might be OK but then one should know it rather fluently. Not to sound rude but your post shows a lack of English skills, so I don't know what language you would intend to communicate in? The other thing is that there are almost no oil and gas fields in Germany! The Middle East, Russia, China, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Mexico, USA these are all oil producing countries or regions. Germany is 55th on the list.

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