House for rent in Hawassa

I offer a house for rent in beautiful Hawassa,
for at least 2 months,
1800 Birr (108 USD, 75 EUR) per month:

1 km from the city center
1 Saloon
1 Bedroom
1 Kitchen
1 Bathroom

Soon I will have photos.

Welcome on the forum Harry_B,

Please post your message on Ethopia Classifieds Page, Category>Accommodation.


Thanks for the hint, Yud, I was not aware of that category.
I will post it there this evening, when I will have photos.

I posted my add at the Ethopia Classifieds Page, but it does not work well. On the upload form I uploaded 3 photos of the house, but only the last (and least) one is visible.

There is indeed a bug in our program. We will improve our system very soon.

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Hi my name is Tony from Manchester UK I am very, very interested in renting this property in Hawassa Ethiopia, I have been interested in renting in Ethiopia for years. I have been to Ethiopia over ten times a great place to visit absolutely massive which suites me fine, please get back in touch soon.


Hi Tony
call me [Moderated: for safety  reason.] in London. i have a house for you to rent in Hawssa. when are you going to Hawass and how long are you staying?


Hi drnidhi,

Can you please avoid posting in caps lock, this might help to make post more reader friendly. :)



Thank you for your response however, your number is not displayed deleted out by moderator I think this is for your own safety and to be honest. For the purposes of professional integrity, it would have been better to provide more accurate contact details without necessarily offering a number in London only; that is if you’re serious of course.

I apologies for writing my number on the site i only want to help. no other intention.

I plan to fly out to Ethiopia in November please can you let me know how we can arrange for me to rent accommodation for the above listed Hawassa price per month.  I plan to be in Ethiopia for along time so a speedy response will be appreciated I have visited Ethiopia before and really like. The only continuous independent Black nation in Africa can't wait to be there once again.

Hi Taharka,

Please feel free to post an advert in the Housing in Ethiopia section can be of great help. :)



Hi, I am looking for accommodation for one year. If your house is still available I would like to arrange a viewing. Thank you. Afzal

Hi  afzalabdool,

Please feel free to post an advert in the Housing in Ethiopia section, this might help you in your search.

Best of luck, :)


I would like to consider renting the house for the month of February and March 2015.
Please contact me, please include a local phone number so we can speak and confirm.
Thanks Alex

Hello Alex :)

Kindly note that you are participating on a thread inactive since 2013.

For your accommodation hunt, please drop in an advert in our Housing in Ethiopia section of the forum.

Kenjee Team

Hello, do you still rent the house?

Hi johnny079,

If you want to rent a house, i invite you to have a look or even post an advert on Houses for rent in Ethiopia.

Thank you


I need a fully furnished house rent in Hawassa for two months from October to December and I want to know the price.

Menab :

I need a fully furnished house rent in Hawassa for two months from October to December and I want to know the price.

Please read through the places advertised in the housing section located in the green banner at the top of this page. You can also place a free ad there too.

I need sweet home for rent.

@ Ekram hassen >

Please feel free to post your housing search in the housing in Ethiopia section.

Thank you,

Priscilla team  :cheers:

I need home @ hawassa . If there answear ne ?

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