Non-EU Family Member of an EU National Residency Card

Hello Everyone,

I'm British and living with my Russian wife in Malta.

Just recently we have applied for her to get a 'Non-EU Family Member of an EU National' residency card or as some of you may know it as, an 'Article 10' residency card.

We were told that this could take up to 6 months to get by the people at Identity Malta when we applied.

Considering that during this time she is no longer able to travel around EU we would hope that this card doesn't take 6 months we were told it would.

I was just wondering if anyone here had experience applying for one of these cards and if so how long did the application process actually take?

Looking at this situation much more simply to change that wife for another one without that problem !

I'm interested in this too. My wife is from the UK although I'm Australian. I'm currently residing based on a work visa (as we weren't married at the time we moved) but we want to change it so I'm here under the 'Article 10' residency card as we have now married.

I'm hesitant to go through the process though because like OP, it will mean many months with not being able to leave the country I fear. Any advice is appreciated.

Seek advice and guidance from Christian Bulzomí, Legal Officer of Unit C/2 - Citizenship and Free movement, European Commission Directorate General Justice.

MO59 06/91 B-1049 Brussels/Belgium

Tel: +32 2 298 58 78

E-mail: christian.bulzomi[at]

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