Bahrain new family visa rule

Hi..According to new rule , need 400 bd for getting family visa...May i know this 400 bd  is basic salary or total salary?

as per LMRA portal it still says BHD250 NET

It is now updated on the LMRA website also to BD 400.

melbinhere :

Hi..According to new rule , need 400 bd for getting family visa...May i know this 400 bd  is basic salary or total salary?

It is the minimum salary registered at the Social Insurance Organization (SIO) by the employer; neither the basic salary nor the total salary.

Dear expat fellows
Is there any body who undergoes family visa procedure now a days as i came here in bahrain on different occupation 2 months ago I got my health license as a pharmacist my profession changed already on lmra
My employer has to change my contract as per lmra regulations now salary  requirement is 400 Bhd so my employer changed it on contract my bank statement also shows 400 basic salary .
Since last 3 weeks my employer agent is telling a single story that Gosi saying first change salary update in lmra and lmra saying that first change salary update in gosi
Can any one guide me as per new rules and regulations
Whenever i asked my HR they reply me the same story as above


You can't do anything especially on the GOSI end.  HR needs to follow up with SIO to get it updated.  I don't know why they are saying that as it's a simple update.

Dear I am facing same problem . If you get solution or you get family visa pls let me know .

Salary update in GOSI how many months  bank statement required?

Hi dear
I am also facing same problem please let me know you got family visa or your salary updated in gosi.

Latest bank statement is enough I guess. But Salary credit should be seen on the bank statement. Just to clarify salary cheque would not be sufficient. The salary amount has to be transferred from company account to your account with beneficiary details mentioning as salary.

To update salary in GOSI, you need to show new contract with 400 BD, last three salary slips plus bank statement for last three months showing the salary receipt.  Some people have managed to get it done with just the last month data but for most cases (i.e. without strong PRO), they will turn you back.

I can tell you what documents we submitted for one of our employees.

1. A new contract stating his salary is BD 400 (Required because salaries are updated on yearly basis)
2. Last 3 months salary slips which should be for BD 400
3. Last 3 months bank statement showing the transfer of minimum 400 BD.
4. A form is to be filled which can be collected from GOSI and as far as I remember employer has to sign and stamp it as well.
5. The contract date must be from January till the end of December

We submitted whatever they asked because we were not in a position to delay the visa for the dependents of the employee.

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