I lost my NIE


I lost my NIE, it was a green card, so a permanent one.
Today I got an appointment with the NIE office but they wanted to give me a new one, with a new number.
That is strange, caurse of the numero seguridad is attached to it.

What is the procedure and what form do I have to fill in?

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    The NIE is just a fiscal ID number which 'stays with you' forever.

So what you appear to have lost is your EU Citizen Registration Certificate (green stiff paper)

You are quite correct that you need to apply for a duplicate. I can only assume when you enquired there was a misunderstanding.

Sometimes the police require that make a loss report (denuncia) before applying for a duplicate.  If that is required and you do not speak Spanish, it can be done by calling 902 102 112,  in English, French, German or Italian.   

Having given the details on the phone you need to  nominate a National Police station where you must go within 48, to make the actual report. (it is not just to sign it as you may be told on the phone).  You will be given a reference number so the  police will be able to locate the info. on the police computer. At the Nacional Police Station they use the info which you provided on the phone to make the actual report, which you sign:  you will be given a copy.

NB  If you do not go to a police station and sign a report, no report / record  exists.

Hello John

Thanks for the reply. I got the police registration of course beforehand. But, then the chaos was complete. During the time of losing and applying for a new certificate, my adress changed. I went to the office of the national police with a document of my employer, with a copy of the original card, with the health insurance card, the official police report and an EX-15, EX-18 and EX-17 form all filled in. This all just for a duplicate of the certificate. They send me back for a new document, the empradonamiento of the local government. I have the duplicate right now, but it took me about days and a full tank of gass to get it. They send you on your way to get the document with no new appointment. My employer had to make the appointment again.
The way things work in Spain is really a reason why it is a 'problem' country in the EU.
But, I got the cerfiticate so now I still need to get the CatSalut and we will see how that will go.

KInd Regards

                              Sorry to hear the problems you had. 

I am not sure why it went wrong, unless possibly it was presenting the additional two forms which were irrelevant and that confused them.

All that is needed,  even to make the original application for a worker,  is the EX 18 and a copy, the confirmation that the payment has been made to a bank, 10.60 euros,  passport and a copy, and proof of your employment.   

That is the instruction from the Ministry of the Interior and is the same throughout Spain.   To my personal knowledge, it is followed every day of the week and in almost all cases, even when the applicant has little or no Spanish,  there is seldom a  problem. 

General advice : 
                    All police stations, just like everywhere else, have complaints forms.   Anyone who does not get the attention they require should ask for the forms. Whilst working at a police station I have done so a few times for people who have not received the attention they should have.  In each case the police put right the problem immediately.

For Info only;
Modelo EX15  - Application for an NIE
Modelo EX17  - Application by a Non EU national
Modelo EX18  - Application for an EU national

Hello John:

They used the EX-15. At another office they told me it should be the EX-18. So I really think that even the officials not all know how it works when you need a duplicate and or something changes in your situation like a change of adress.

But I got the duplicate and my CatSalut card which is necessary for my employer. Allthough I have a good private health insurance with Caixa Adeslas????

But anyway. The problem is solved and I am not a big fan of the bureacracy I have to say.

Thanks again for your replies.

Kind Regards

OK,   so Angelique finally obtained a replacement card.

However, so that others may not be confused, this clarification is for them.

As will be seen on the Government web pages, and what occurs in practice (I work with the police) :

An EX 18 is the application form for EU Citizen Registration

An EX 15 is the application form for a person (EU and Non EU nationals) who are not intending, at least not immediately, to reside in Spain, to apply for JUST an NIE. 

NB    These forms are not interchangeable and there is no provision for both to be used for any application:  it is one form or the other.

That one might consider the staff employed at a police(/government office do not know what they are doing,  is insulting.

From personal experience, I know  It is  very common for people who speak little or no Spanish, or who do not fully understand what they need,  nor the legally established method how to achieve that,  fail to make it clear what they require,  and that can and does, lead to misunderstandings.

(Forum Appointed Spain Expert)

I have a bit of a pickle and I need a reply quick, please!!

I have to get a replacement NIE as I have lost my original.  I also lost my job a week ago but start another on Monday.  I've started reading about this mad process to get a new one and I apparently need proof I'm in work.  Could I show them the contract from the job I left a week ago or will they notice I don't work their anymore? 

Need reply urgently as this new job need me to start ASAP!

Thanks in advance.

I think you have got it wrong.

If you live and work in spain as an EU national then you have an EU Citizen Registration Cert (a piece of green paper). 

All you need to do is make a police report of the loss (a denuncia) and apply for a replacement    For that you will need to complete an EX18 and using the 709 payment  form from the internet the proof of payment at any bank

I would also take a formal job offer for the new job just in case they discover you are not still at the original job.   I do not think they would know so only offer it if asked

NB an NIE is just one’s fiscal ID number in
Spain.  It is the number which is on the green paper

That's great help thanks, but what can class as a formal job offer? 

They've sent me emails with the salary and the contracts attached but there's no signatures on there.

A formal letter (original) bearing the legal company ID number, the details of the job being offered, signed by an official of the company with his/her NIE

As I said don't show it unless they ask.

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