Japanese mother moving from US back to Japan


My senior Japanese mother (who is a US citizen) is considering moving back to Japan. She's interested in a senior-living type of facility where she can live independently and have her own room.

Can anyone recommend one in Kanagawa-ken (preferably Yokohama area)?

Thank you!

Regarding your mother moving back to Japan, I had similar situation with my own mom moving back to Japan about two years ago and I can tell you from our experience that apartment for seniors you pretty much have to be on the waiting list and that's likely scenario with many senior living places throughout Japan. I'm not sure if your mom require assistance, hospice care, etc., but that sort of facilities also require registration and be placed on the waiting list.
There are lot's of high-end apartments or condos for seniors around Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, etc. but they're quite expensive. My suggestions is to hire a capable senior living professional in Yokohama area who can provide you with accurate information regarding room availability, price, requirements, etc.

Also, I'm not sure about your mother's age but Japanese immigration will require a verifiable means of income such as social security from U.S., financial assistance from sons and/or daughter who reside in Japan, or proof of adequate savings showing financial independence.

I hope this helps.
Good luck.


Hello! You’ve certainly given me some things to think about. I appreciate your response. Thank you for the reply!

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