Hi all

Hi folks,

Two days ago I received a recruiting email from a company in Abu Dhabi. I am interested in pursuing this opportunity, but only if I ensure that I've accurately sorted out the financial consequences in order to support a negotiation for such things as salary and benefits etc.

I am a Canadian, retired naval officer, currently working for a large aerospace and training company. I am very happy in my current job but, given the right circumstances, I would be willing to explore other opportunities as potentially exotic as this.

In one of my projects with my current company I have had two business trips to Abu Dhabi, a one week trip in 2015 and a one month trip in 2016 and really enjoyed my time there.

In the next couple of days I will have a number of questions regarding living there, as opposed to visiting. I sincerely look forward to talking to everyone.

Thank you very much

What a very nice opening post.

Welcome to the forum and here's hoping you get all the answers you need to your questions. I hardly need to tell a navy officer about the thrill of travel and visiting new places so i'll skip that bit.

Hi Fred,

Thank you very much for your response. I look forward to learning from this board.


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