Golf Societies & getting a handicap

Hello all,

I'm living in Alcasser, 20 mins south of Valencia, and nobody here plays golf beyond coming to the driving range with me. Hence, I need to find a society that I can join before I completely lose my mind!!
I've played at del bosque in Chiva which is a cracking course I thought, but most others require a certificate, so I also want to know the best way to go about getting a handicap over here. I think I can go to a pro and get approved for a handicap but I don't know who to go to or if there's anything else I need to do?

Any help is much appreciated


Hi Peter,

I'm in the same boat a little except I have a handicap cert from my old club. If you've ever been a member anywhere this should be good enough.

Your post is from a few months back now, did you manage to find a society or friendly club to join? I'm living in Madrid at the moment but will be moving to Valencia for work on the 12th June '18 and am keen to get playing again after something of a hiatus recently.



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