Where is the best fitness gyms and fighting clubs in Dalian?

Hi guys

I am a 24 year old female from South Africa and I will be moving to Dalian soon. I will be living in Jinzhou new district. I would like to know which fitness gyms in Dalian is the best to gym at? I am also considering to join a fighting club. Any suggestions on which clubs is best and will work for an expat? I heard Sanshou is the martial art to go for in China?

Thanks in advance for all the help (:

there are a lot of gyms in downtown.i went to everlast gym before. it`s good but expensive. but it`s too far from you. where the exactly will you stay in Jinzhou? downtown or dda? then i can tell you where you can get one and if an english speaking coach is necessary

i bought a three class trial for 58 RMB tonight at the Everlast, was looking for Capoeira classes. Will go check it out. In Jin Zhou I joined a Gym called Fedis for a month is was 299 RMB for a month. It was good. the classes are not bad and I could use the private class section during non busy hours.

Hello Everybody, I live in DDA Hongxinghai - Dalian and I'm looking for anybody interested in learning capoeira. I've done it for several years and after moving to Dalian in January 2018 I'd like to rebuild a group to train and have fun together.

Let me know if you are interested!

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