Alfaskolen One-Year Language Course

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Has anyone taken the one-year Norwegian Language Course at Alfaskolen? I am looking into programs that will allow me to live in Norway and learn the language to a near intermediate level and too the culture. I am currently based in the US and want to take some time off to acquire another language for personal and professional reasons. Only knowing English when you want to embark on an international career is such a disadvantage.

I would love it if anyone can provide insight on the program or others in Norway. I am not sure if I am typing the wrong keywords in my Google search but I am getting the general feeling that there are no programs that allow you to live in Norway for say 6mos-1yr to learn a language unless you have some sort of resident permit.. most likely through an accredited university in which you have to be a full-time student. Is this assumption semi-correct?

Looking forward to your insight :)


Hi maybe this link will help answer your question:
Click here

Thank you! I have come across multiple uni programs but many are only open to those coming from EU/EEA or Norway. I am a US citizen so I am running into hurdles. I did find one program: Norwegian language and culture for international students (NOIS) at Hedmark University College. I am waiting to hear back from admissions if they accept all applicants regardless of nationality. So we shall see!

Thanks again! :)

Awesome! Best of luck and Lykke Til! :)

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I have found many Uni programs that admin US students - mostly master's level, but a few bachelor's as well - but most are taught in English. You can check out - there's a wealth of info there. Feel free to message me if you like! I am also American. :)


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