concerns about going home

Hello everyone, hope you could  give me an answer or reply to these issues and concerns.  In behalf of my sister, "she stated that she wanted to go home  as soon as possible because of personal matters. The  first  reason is our father is not well. Secondly, my sister cannot cope anymore or she had already  been in the stage  of depression,  she cannot concentrate or focus on her work as a nurse  in  a private  hospital in Riyadh. The main question is why the Nurse Director is not allowing her to go home as  soon as possible, although she had submitted a  resignation letter. On the  first  conversation that my sister  and  the Director of nursing " the  director said that my sister have to  wait  for  a replacement  before  she can go home.  But my sister requested  few times to  see and to talk to the Director but  the Director does not want  to speak to my sister  as  per verbal messages from the secretary of the Director and the  secretary insisted that my sister can only go home if there  is already a replacement. My sister is still on probationary period.

Can anyone   please give any advise , ideas and suggestions regarding this matter.
Thank you  very  much.

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