Confirmation of my investigation thus far....

Hi Everyone!!

So my husband is a British Citizen (by birth but left as a toddler) and I am a South African Citizen.

We have been together 20 years and married for 7 and as my husband was retrenched we have finally made the decision (after many years of just talking about it as a “future plan”) to move to Ireland (we love the folksy charm!).

Our intention is to stay permanently and through many hours of investigation our planned actions are as follows:

Before we leave we need to find a cheap hotel/motel for our first week - but where in Ireland should we go? We thinking Limerick as it’s not as “busy” as Dublin.....

We need to book our one way flight - this is ok for my British Citizen husband but is it a good idea for me?

Upon arrival we need to both notify the immigration officials at Passport Control of our intentions - I would presume it’s as simple as saying “Hi, Im coming to live here with my British Citizen hubby”?

Discuss the Immigration Permission (IRP) which is mandatory after 90 Days, as well as the EU Family Residence Card that must be applied for within 3 months of arrival.  I need to go to the  Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) to do this - no idea about this bit and I'm simply stating factual information provided by websites so any help here is appreciated!

We leave the airport (hopefully) and arrive at cheap hotel (hopefully) and the next day my Hubby (as a EU (British) citizen) should be entitled to live without conditions or restrictions, can go to a government office (?) and get registered for a Personal Public Service Number - or does he go to a recruitement agency first?

If my hubby doesn’t have a NIN (National Insurance Number) from the UK can he simply just work?

If I have been granted the above mentioned entry can I work?

What am I missing?

Appreciate any help!

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