Visit visa to oman. Is return ticket mandatory?

Dear All

I have seen your valuable advices on this forum. I too have a quiery. It will be a great help if you can advice me on this. My wife shall be coming on a tourist visit visa for 30days from india to muscat. So i have a doubt if she needs to have a return ticket to india along with her while she enters muscat or she can purchase it later?
Also. We have a plan to go dubai from muscat before her visit visa expires as we will have family status visa within the period of her 30days visit to muscat.
In this case is it neccessary to have a return ticket to india? Or we can take exit at dubai airport and come back to muscat via family visa?
Kindly advice asap please.

Dear Shuby,

I am not sure of the rule as I have not seen it in black and white, however let me share my experience.

When I was getting one of my family members to Muscat on a visit visa. The Airlines staff at Bangalore Airport would NOT issue a boarding pass without a return ticket !

I thought he was acting funny and demanded it in writing. He was polite and firm and agreed to put it on paper. Now, sensing a battle being lost, I changed track and asked for his manager. This time I played the 'practicality' card. The Manager finally relented - not before making me sign an undertaking ( I dont remember if he gave me a printed form - i think he did ). He also mentioned that he is making an exception !

So, to cut the long story short, its not about entering muscat , your wife may not be able board in India itself ! Incidentally, they never asked for a return ticket as we arrived at Muscat.

On your second point, these visit visa's are usually single entry visas. So, if your wife exits, the same visa cannot be used to enter again.

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot. It is helpful

Yes return require

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