Self-Employment Visa?

Hey there,

I am looking to move to with my boyfriend Italy in the coming year. We are planning to go to Asti because he is planning to pursue a masters degree at a school there.

I would like to go the route of getting a self-employment visa as a freelancer/consultant.

My challenge at this stage is finding out where/how to get approval for the visa from the "local authorities."

Does anyone have experience getting a self-employment visa? Any tips or resources that you could offer?

Thank you,

If you are planing to study in Italy for your masters, you should apply for a student visa. If subsequently, you wish to open a business here, you will have to eventually change your visa type from student to emolument soggiorno.

With that said, I believe that as a student, once you get the Italian tax number, you will be allowed to work 20h x week (part-time).

The work soggiorno is really hard to obtain, even as self-employed. You will have to present a detailed business plan, and so on. My personal recommendation for this is to contact a visa processing attorney once you are already here, as it will be really hard to gain accurate information from long distance.

Thanks for your advice Jsnow88.

I will not be going to Italy for my education. Nor am I planning to open a business.

From what I understand based on my research, I need to get approval from the local authorities to obtain a self-employment visa type. I may have to go to Italy and work with an attorney get the approval, but I will still need to come back here in order to get the Visa.

Did you ever figure out what you needed here?  I would be interested in to know.

Thank you!

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