Publicos from SJU

Hi, all,

Does anyone know if there are publicos running from San Juan to the southwest part of the island?
Just curious.  I know that has always been an option, but seems like it might be either impossible or prohibitively expensive post Maria.  Anyone?


I'm pretty sure you should hop from town to to town to make it there and it might take you a long time, more than a day I'd think..
I know of somebody in our area (roughly in between Humacao and Caguas)  who takes a publico to Caguas, from there a line bus to Rio Piedras and then an AMA bus to where she needs to go in San Juan. A one way trip is around 4 hours!

Here are telephone numbers of some of the publico companies: … ublic-cars

Yikes!  That's a long ride... I think we will skip that  :(

Thank you for the response, though!


If you don't want to rent a car you could try to get an Uber driver who wants to take you there...

I posted a link many months ago for publico, you may want to search for that.
Gary is right, publicos run from town to town along well know routes so you have to take multiple of them to get to many places. Each town has 2-4 different sorrounding towns being serviced. People along the route flag them and get picked up along the route, not just at the town plaza.

They are not as popular as they used to be. I recommend a rental car, Uber only goes to some areas, not island wide and will cost you more than a rental.

This may help

Typically these are van or busses so it will not be like a taxi where you ride alone. Strangers and children crying is normal in a ride. … 0b9u_EKiZg

Back when I was growing up I used to take the publicos very often but that was 40+ years ago, back then few drivers knew any English, not sure how common English is for the regular publico drivers now days.

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