Taxing Retirement Income

I would like to know if Germany taxes retirement income? I.e Social Security etc.

Yes, retirement income - both from the German pension system and other (private or commercial) sources is subject to income tax in Germany.
Social security (Hartz IV) payments, however, are at or below the tax-free survival minimum and thus not taxable.

This interests me as well. I have been told by another US retiree that his retirement benefits are not taxed in Germany. However, I have also been told by a tax accountant that they should be taxed in Germany.

The differing answers are confusing and frustrating.

If in doubt, I would believe the tax adviser, rather than a random retiree (who might have made mistakes in his German tax statement - it is almost impossible to avoid them if you aren't native speaker and well-versed in tax matters!).
In any case, you have to, in your tax statement, declare your entire world income and the tax authority then checks what is taxable and what not. (They also often make mistakes in this, which you can then appeal against - get a good German tax adviser for all this!)

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