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Good morning all.

By way of introduction (I'll keep it brief), I am an Englishman in his late 20s with circa 6 years of banking experience in London. After leaving London in early 2017 and travelling throughout Latin America, I have decided that Panama is where I want to begin my new life.

This post is an initial feeler to those who probably have either worked/currently work in this sector and may know of potential job opportunities.

I am of course conscious my approach may appear unorthodox (as I have already moved here). I have already thoroughly researched some of the idiosyncrasies of expat employment here so I am under no illusions of the potential difficulties. I am also taking into consideration my current Spanish language limitations.

I am currently based in Panama City.

Thank you in advance.

Hello there,
My name is Joseph Ennis. I own the Spanish school on Via Argentina and in the last 16 years we have had some international bankers study Spanish with us. Drop by if you have time and i could talk to you about some of their hurdles in getting involved in banking in Panama.

i can highly recommend this school , great location and a sterling reputation .

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